Update Concrete5 version to version 9.1.x

Hello community,
We have to/want to switch to PHP8 at our provider/hoster. For this reason, our concrete5 version has to be changed/upgraded to version 9.1.x. Has anyone of you already had experience with such an upgrade, or even a field report?
The main question that concerns me, is it possible to upgrade directly from to 9.1.x, or do you perhaps have to take an intermediate step, for example first upgrading to 8.x and then to 9.1.x?
I would be very happy about a short feedback.
Thanks in advance.

You will need to get to v8.5.12 (latest v8), from there 9.1.3 (latest v9).

From, I think (not 100% sure, check the release notes) you can go straight to 8.5.12.

On the way you are likely to have a issues with broken tables, things like missing columns you need to add manually changes to database character set. So be prepared to patch up the database with phpMyAdmin.

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Thank you very much John.