Update ConcreteCMS 9.x - question just in case

Is it still safe and the easiest method to update Concrete CMS is to replace the /concrete directory?

Of course, after preparation:

  • backup your server space and databases (just in case!)

  • Database Entities
    Off - Proxy classes need to be manually generated. Helps speed up a live site.

  • Cache & Speed Settings

  • Clear Cache

Delete the old directory (concrete), and upload the new one
Launch the page.

  • enable the caches
  • take the database entities out of development mode

Did I miss something?

Yeah that all sounds right. Sometimes you can just rename the old directory to concrete_bak temporarily just in case you need to roll back in a hurry :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the confirmation, I’ve seen a lot of people ask for help with an update using different methods (during which they encounter some problems) and this seems to be the fastest and most reliable, so thanks for the answer.

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