Update theme from v.8 to v.9

We have a version 9.0.1 install and try to update our theme (developed for v8.5) to work with v.9. It’s not working so we working to rewrite the basic-bedrock theme provided by @afixia in Github. We finally made it work under PHP 8, but adjusting SASS and JS is still a mystery.

We’re trying to include our typography helper tool called «baseliner.js». Lots of errors. In v.8 we called it from the footer added some css and it worked properly.

We assume that ConcreteCMS wants users to work and develop websites with Bedrock in new version 9. How do normal or medium skilled users tweak or extend their MP-block, own blocks or js?

How do we include 3rd party blocks or scripts into a theme in v.9?

Does v.9 require a full local development environment?

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I don’t have all the answers here, but just to note, I’ve been building a couple sites in the bedrock and Atomik theme and the Bedrock system seems to be fairly broken. If you follow what guidelines are given, which is basically, if your theme needs or provides something that Concrete also needs, then include it in your theme and tell Concrete that you feature it. Example, if you need Bootstrap, you want the bedrock/frontend included in your js and scss file. Problem is, Concrete still seems to call it again causing issues like the block / stack / clipboard selector to not work. Also layout UI menu falls off the page. V9 also does not present well in Firefox too. When trying to add blocks to a region, all of the regions borders go off screen.

Anyhow, if you want to use the Bedrock system, which we probably should eventually, then you’ll need a local development environment where you add your JS and SCSS in the build area and generate production files to your theme. In that those files is where I would add your custom work.

Just an update, I was able to fix the broken parts of the repo. Bedrock seems to work now. :slight_smile:

Anyone working on an update to a v8 theme, may want to consider this change for the ccm toolbar

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Nice that this made it into bedrock :+1: