Updating from 8.5.9 to 9.0+

I’m trying to install 9.0 in the cPanel under Update Concrete to 9.0
The system test I get this message: Update strongly discouraged. See notices for more information.
There are no notices and all the add ons have a check mark beside them.
Any Idea what is causing this message?
php = 7.4

Hi @mmaheux
Are you using Softaculous? First Make sure to make a backup of the database and files.

Then I recommend following directions from here: How to Upgrade Concrete5

Are you really updating to 9.0 or is that just a typo? If updating, go straight from 8.5.9 to 9.1.1.

As well as the backup, check any addons and themes for v9 compatibility before you start.

Thank you for responding. All my addons and themes have a check mark beside them.
I am currently running 8.5.9 which was part update to install 9.0.
I am not sure what happens during “system test” which is only a second ±.
After that test I get this message; Update strongly discouraged. See notices for more information.
When I create a backup of my database I have never be able to do a restore. I always get and error. So I am quite worried about updating and loosing the website.
Are there other items I can check, like what happens during the system test.
Thank you Marc

The message is correct. v9.0 was not designed for upgrade. v9.1.1 is designed for upgrade (though do so with caution)

If in doubt, clone your site onto a development system and test everything there before playing with the live site.

It sounds like you should at least have someone experienced in this process on hand to make sure you don’t get stuck. Otherwise don’t risk it.

@mmaheux how did things go?

Could not update to 9.1 on Dreamhost. Tried and failed a couple of times and had to restore backups.

@mmaheux Maybe share what went wrong would help others out and see there’s a solution people could come up with? Including the notice. Unless it’s the same issue as you’ve mentioned before

My solution was to switch to another hosting provider

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