Upgrade 8.5.12 to 9.1.3 destroys my site

After many seconds, an Internal Server Error appears (with no details) and then my site is dead.

I’ve had this with EVERY major version upgrade. I’m getting sick of it and considering moving to WordPress.

This is a VERY large update, it would probably be a better idea to run it using the CLI tools. It also has a lot of breaking changes so I would strongly suggest doing it in a development environment before doing it on a production site.

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Thanks for the tip, however I have no ssh access to my production server.

What is the memory set at in your PHP settings?

The problem may be too weak server environment. Although I have run the update from 8.5.12 to 9.1.3 more than once on not very efficient servers. The first thing I did was backup - for safety. But not once did I encounter a critical error when upgrading from 8.5.12 to 9.1.3 and I’ve already upgraded 20 pages or more. Check memory limit, process execution timeout. I’m betting this is a problem, unless there are some significant modifications being made on version 8.5.12? Also check log of server.