Upgrade from 8 to 9 under PHP 8

My provider switched to PHP 8 (without notice) so my Concrete V8 website does not work anymore. Is it possible to upgrade to Concrete V9 without a functioning website?

As far as I know C5 v8 or v9 will not work with PHP8. You need to ask your provider to revert to PHP 7.4.

Thanks for your reply.
I have made the request to my provider and the answer was simple: No way.
According to the texts I find on concretecms.org, v9 is supposed to work with PHP 8.
Can you confirm that it does not? Because in that case I will have to move the site somewhere else.

Sorry, I can use PHP 8.0.8 with V9 on my local development Mac computer with MAMP.

Thank you very much. That extends my options. However, I am still looking for a procedure to upgrade from Cv8 to Cv9 in an environment where Cv8 does not work.

v8 will not run on php8. It maxes out on php7
v9 is intended to run on php8, but there are some niggles.

Your problem with updating is that you need to run on php7 within your current site in order to update to v9. But your current v8 site will not run on php8.

Also to consider, while v9 is OK for new sites, it is not currently recommended for updating old sites. There are issues with the update process (that will hopefully be resolved with v9.1). Many third party packages will not be v9 compatible.

With that in mind and that your host will not let you run under php7, you have 3 choices:
a) Make a clone of your v8 site on a development system that is php7 compatible, run the update to concrete v9, then clone that site back to your live server - bearing in mind the update may not work anyway.
b) Create a new v9 site and copy/paste content from your existing site
c) Move your site to a more customer-oriented hosting service and server.

From a site point of view, (c) is less work than (a), is lower risk and can get you to a more supportive hosting service , but you will need to point your domain to the new server.

(b) depends on how big your site is.

Thank you very much for a clear overview of the options.
This helps enormously.


Sounds like the hosting company are being very unfair, normailly they should give toy an option to use a lesser stable version like php7.4.

If you want I can help move your site to a new host and I also offer hosting (or can recommend some).


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Hi Tim,
Thanks for the offer but I will first try myself.

This to let you know I went for John’s option c. Now working on b.
Very grateful for your help!

Time to move host to a better one.