Upgrade to v 9.1.1 Messy admin Welcome Page

just upgraded to v 9.1.1 and the Welcome page for the Admin is very messy- some text overlaps other text- any suggestions? (while upgrading, I had to tick to upgrade php in order to upgrade, with a warning it might effect the current site- could this be an issue?

It could be the issue. Can you add a screenshot of the style issues, and let us know what version of PHP you upgraded to.

This is what the Admin Welcome page (and also the “edit profile” page) looked like when I updated 8.5.6 to 9.1.1. I don’t recall the php that the update required to be changed- think it was 7.2? from my server side it shows that 7.3 and lower are outdated so I set it now to 7.4 but its still not helping since I reinstalled my 8.5.6 backup.