Upgrading an Older Version of Concrete5

Hello, I’ve been tasked with upgrading an older version of Concrete5 that was left by another web developer. We are currently running Version so we are obviously well behind. I just need to know what is the safest and most streamlined process for upgrading to the latest version without losing anything from the previous version. It has been mentioned that upgrading from older CMSs you tend to have to upgrade in version order to properly upgrade, is this the same case with Concrete5. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance.

Here are some useful threads that might be helpful - there’s also the Gigs and Jobs board if you’d like to team up with a developer:

depending on how large your site, I might just recommend starting from scratch with a brand new install. you can use this migration tool to pull all your site content for the new install. I used it a couple of years ago. it was a little buggy then, but I see that the repo has been updated since, so they may have addressed some of those bugs. in my case I created the new install on a subdomain, so that I could have both sites up at the same time, and once things are worked out you can replace the old install with the new one.