Upgrading ConcreteCMS from 5.x to 8/9

I’m the marketing coordinator for this company, and was wondering if the website made a few years back would be good for upgraded from 5.x to 8/9. HarrisData. I’ve been getting used to the role of webmaster but I think the website needs an update. How is it upgrading and managing the website (editing, layout changes, screen load time)?

it’s possible but require some skills and time… I’ve made a little doc on my wiki (sorry it’s in french but all tech instructions are in english so I think it may be usefull for you):

Since you are on v7 the upgrade to v8 should be pretty easy if you follow the upgrade instructions (I would suggest the Upgrading via the command line option) here How to Upgrade Concrete CMS

Make sure you make a backup of your database and application/config before you do the update in case you need to go back!

Also, where it says “Download the latest core” you’ll want to go from 5.7 (v7) to 8.x not directly to v9.