Upgrading from 8.5.6 to 9.0.1

Currrently running 8.5.6 and would like to upgrade to 9.0.1 to use Containers. After I make my backup, do I have to upgrade incremnetly (8.5.7 then x.x.8 .etc, .etc) or can I go straight to 9.0.1…or is it x.x.2 now?

Thanks for the help.


Update to the latest 8.5.7 first.

Upgrade from v8 to v9 is not yet officially supported. Take a backup and be prepared to revert from the backup.

Search back through the forums, there are several threads on the process, the risks and the measure you should take.

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Thank you! Appreciate the help.

Thank you! I came to the forum to answer this very question. My site is now at version 8.5.7 so I will now just explore the new version 9.0.1 and above on a test domain to determine if it is worth a complete site redesign.

Just to be clear: updating from 8.5.7 to 9.x is absolutely supported. We’ve updated several sites of ours. Yes, you do run the risk of having things break and it is a major update and you should 100% take a backup and do this in a staging environment. But it’s absolutely possible.