Upgrading legacy ( > 5.7.4)

I am trying to upgrade a legacy system … my client has requested that I upgrade from to 5.7.4 for security issues. The server is running PHP 5.6.40.

I followed the instructions by downloading the legacy zip file for 5.7.4, removing everything but the concrete directory. I uploaded it to the /updates folder, but when I do a ‘check for updates’ from the dashboard, it doesn’t appear.

(Edited to add that I also tried zipping up that folder and uploading that as well. No dice.)

What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

You cannot upgrade from 5.6 to 5.7 like this.


I am afraid 5.7 was a total rewrite of Concrete and was not backward compatible.

If you want to move the site to 5.7 you will have to either rebuild it or use Concrete migration tool available on their GitHub account. The migration tool will only migrate core Concrete items though (pages, core blocks, users, attributes). You will have to find a way to deal with third-party items.