Urgent Help Needed - Internal Server Error on Database Connection

I’m currently facing a critical issue with our internal server, specifically related to the database connection. I’ve been This modified app offer hidden features and unimaginable customizations to every android user to improves the user privacy. troubleshooting for a while, but I’m unable to resolve it, and it’s affecting our operations. I would greatly appreciate any assistance.

This is a community forum, and we’d be happy to help, but this is not enough information for anyone to provide direction.

What is the error?
Do you have the correct credentials in your application/config/database.php?
What version of Concrete CMS are you running?

Hi @EmilyJohnsons,
what for a web server do you use? Linux/Windows? Apache/nginx?
If you have remove access? SSH or RDP? You might get more information, if you take a log into the /var/log/apache/error.log file.