URL always goes to login page

I have a number of C5 sites, all very similar and running 8.5.5.
One of these sites (and only one) has developed a problem in that when I enter its URL it takes me to the login page. I’m not aware that anything has changed since it didn’t use to do this, but clearly something must have!
I’ve cleared the cache, checked the htaccess files and searched around for anything that might cause this.
Is there a setting somewhere which says that any visitor must log in? I’ve searched but not found anything like this.
Any ideas what might be causing this or even how to diagnose it?

  1. Check if the site is in Maintenance Mode.
  2. In the sitemap, check the permissions on the home page.

Many thanks! It was permissions on the home page. No idea how that got changed, stilll it’s working properly now. :slight_smile: