URL Slug Segment Max Length

Thanks zpartakov for answering my last post on urls.

I have another question, that appears not to be covered in the Concrete documentation.

In Dashboard > System & Settings > SEO & Statistics > URL Slug there is
“URL Slug Segment Max Length” which is set to 128 characters.

I am now going through and changing urls on our second language pages, the Polish text is often a lot longer than the English original, so I am coming close to the 128 character limit.

I have read some comments stackoverflow about the pros and cons of slug length.

I have a couple of questions:

  1. what happens if I exceed the 128 character limit will the Concrete system automatically truncate the url ? or will I get an error message ?

  2. should i try truncating the urls myself ? for example
    “Funkcjonalizowane nanopłytki grafenowe”
    Funkcjonal nanopłytki grafen which is not really fully Polish
    FunkcjonalizowaneNanopłytkiGrafenowe would the search engines understand this ?

Any comments or advice would be appreciated

Have you tried upping the character length?


I have have to admit this maybe a stupid question, but how exact;y is the slug defined ? Is it the whole string as for example :


or is it just the last part which relevant to the page ie

If it is the first option above, I have already exceeded the 128 max length and nothing happened, the page works and there was no error message.

If it the second option, then I don’t believe I will ever exceed the 128 max

The ‘slug’ is the last part of the url: large-grain-monolayer-graphene-copper