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I am pretty new to Concrete, found it, played around some hours now and I am really impressed. GRATS! But I have some questions / problems with “Users” and “Permissions”:

  1. If I set permission of a site to be seen only for registered users, the site simply “disappears” from navigation, links, etc.
    For example a site named “Documents”, permission set to registered users. A not registered user doesnt even see the link to “Documents”.
    Should be: unregistered user can see the link and if he clicks the link to the site, he lands on a site to register or login. I searched and tryed - I didnt find a solution. Any help / hint or is it impossible? I think it is a normal, usual behaviour regarding sites for members / users only?

  2. Register users: is there any option that users can register an account - but the admin has to aprove the new user (to prevent spammers and other unwanted people)? Just found the option that user has to confirm his registration himself by email. But no control who registers.

  3. Is it possible to edit the registration form? For example add more fields (age, country,…)?
    reg form aendern

  4. How / where can users edit their profiles (password, language, …). Is it possible to have an icon / link like “My account” for registered and logged-in users?

Really impressed by Concrete until now. Just this user / permissions subject is important for me.

Thanks for any solution or hint! I searched in the help, manual, youtube (concrete channel) but didnt find any help / solution.

Cheers Walhalla

  1. You need to tick the “Display links that may require login” in the AutoNav block

  1. Yes you need to setup a Workflow for this
    (Create a Workflow)
  1. Yes, you need to go to /index.php/dashboard/users/attributes Dashboard>Members>Attributes
    You can group these as well using sets also on the members menu

  2. You can link to your /account/edit_profile page you might have to set the permissions on this page but its in the My Accounts in the sitemap but you need to “Include System Pages in Sitemap”

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Hi TMDesigns, thank you so much for now! I will search / try it over the weekend!

Thanks a lot for this answers!

OK, i tried during the weekend. Already failed with the first point :wink:

@ 1: I can’t find this box / window from your screenshot. I think I have seen all options, settings, clicked 1 hour but couldn’t find this one! I only have the ones from my screenshots (edit block → edit top navigation bar). The only place where I found something about “Auto-Nav” is under Stacks & Blocks → Bolck Types → Auto-Nav. But there I can’t change nothing?! Really got crazy … seems I am too stupid or blind (or both :wink:

@ 2: OK. Thank you so much! Got it working after a few minutes. But I really think it could / should be a build-in standard option (or atleast described in the manual). Who doesnt want (NEED!) to have control who registers to your site? Anyway - it works!

@ 3: OK. Once again thank you so much for the hint! It works too. Just on open point: is it possible to edit / change the existing fields (names) like Username, email? Searched a while where it can change but didnt find (it is no “atribute”. Maybe “hardcoded”?

@ 4: OK. Again Thank you! Solved too this open point on my list :wink: Just one thing I really dont mention a good idea: the users even can change their usernamen / email. In my opinion atleast one should unchangable for security reasons. One can write / comment some “bulls**” and afterwords change his “identity”? But OK. Think we can live with it.

Just the 1. point is really a bad / important point. The sites for registered users does not only disappear in the navigation - all links on other sites. Even f.e. on “resources” index. If “Resource One” and “Resource Five” (or any other one) is for registered users only … the “Resources” siomply don’t appear on the index / list.

Really think the worst solution. In my opinon the user (if not logged in) should be lead to Login / Register automatrically.

Thank you so much for your help!!! If I get this point to work, Concrete will be our favour / choose. Still some things to discover … but it seems pretty well!

Have a nice day


P.S.: As a new user I only can add one single screenshot :frowning:


Sorry I was using the Auto nav block not the Top Navigation Bar block. maybe give the auto nav a go.

Its sad that a lot of work by community members went into making the Autonav block view easily configurable. Then v9 Atomik comes along with a new Top Navigation block, reinvents the way navigation is output, and in the process throws away the easy configurability of Autonav block templates.

Hi,ahhhhhh now I understood! It is another navigation they use there! OK, put in a second navigation (auto-nav) and there I saw this box you sent (screenshot). But the navigation is vertical. Yes, for sure it is possible to adapt / change it via CSS. But I am new to Concrete and I confess: dont have time to search / see / learn how to edit CSS / Themes manually. This time I just wanted to be a user. Just use it “out of the box” without change lots of things in the deep (and probaly losse with next update?!). It’s a pity - but making what. It is as it is.

Nevertheless: onec mor THANK YOU SO MUCH for your help. I would not have found it without your hints. Really should be a part of the manualbecause I dont think that my questions are so special. Think everybody who wants to use “Users” will have this problems / questions.

Thank you once again and have a nice Sunday! :wink:

Hi, I dont know what happened because I am new to Concrete and didn’t know the “old” versions. Just to know: might be possible that this options will be availlable in the next future again? This “easy configurability of Autonav block templates”? Thx for your hint!

Autonav is still an available block type. “Add block” to an area and autonav should be the first block under the navigation section in the block panel.

Have you tried a different template for it?

Also how did you setup the workflow, I have done this in the past but have forgotten.

No. Because I am new with Concrete I wanted to see first if / how the system works. There is just one free template and I didnt want to pay 50 bucks each just to have a look or play around a little bit. Unfortunately there is no test - period to have a look at the other themes. You have to buy “blind”. Atleast one or two days for a testride would be really a fair option.

Are you kidding? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Great joke! :slight_smile: It was YOU who told me how to do it. I did it exactly as written in this thread you sent me here →

The other one to the manual is not complete. But with this one here it just took some minutes to get it working!

Thanks again man, you helped me a lot! Hope that one day I can give it back … :wink:

I meant block templates. Each block has a few built in templates. If you click the block when in edit mode you can see a setting that says templates. Click that and it gives you a edit box with a drop down it will always say default to start with and then if the block has templates it will display them.

You can also creat block templates

Yes, I have seen. A simple vertical list of unformatted links and / or a a simple unformatted horizontal list (of existing sites as links).