Using commercial SSL certificate in GoDaddy with Concrete5

I am having problems making an SSL certificate work in my site hosted on GoDaddy but using Concrete5 rather than their own CMS. So I am using a temporary free Lets Encrypt certificate that works. So my question is can I use the commercial (paid) certificate in the same by putting it into the directory name ‘well-known’ in the root of the server? My client already had the site with GoDaddy so I am stuck with their infrastructure. I have used their helpdesk but no resolution.

Normally you have to install certificates via cPanel or similar.

But as far as certificates go, unless you’re running something very specific (like a really big eCommerce or banking website), Let’s Encrypt certificates are fine for running long term. They should automatically renew every 3 months and you then never have to think about them.

I suspect that you’re just running a modest site, since it’s on GoDaddy.

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