V8.5.6, user-selector attribute, question

Reading the patch notes, I see “you will have to recreate your attributes before they are properly searchable”

Are we talking Express Attributes or…? I think this aspect needs to be fleshed out a LOT more so we know the exact steps we should be taking. What are the consequences of not doing this? How can we tell we’ve done it right? Etc… v8.5.6 sounds tasty, but this step makes me concerned about upgrading and doing it “wrong” due to lack of clarity.

Yes, Express attributes. Here’s the discussion about why it was cherry picked from v.9 to be included in 8.5.6: https://github.com/concrete5/concrete5/issues/9472

Looking at the commit, it seems that no index was created for the user selector attribute prior to the commit, so if you are using that attirbute and want it to be searchable, you’ll need to recreate it so that the index will be created (and thus searchabale) as well.

So any Express Objects that already have that attribute, and data in that attribute… the attribute needs to be deleted, then re-added, then the entries remade from scratch? That sounds very not-permanent as a “solution” long-term. How to avoid data loss if you’ve been using that in production for months/years now?