V8: Any way to add single page to site root?

I have a site where I’m rendering event info in a popup. This popup is populated with a single page. The site has three languages, each residing in directories (/fi, /en, /de). The site is set up so, that the default language is English and the users are directed to /en as default. Now, trying to add a single page in code to root (/) with Single::addGlobal results the new single page appearing in the site-tree in every language, but the path points to the default-language. So the page actually resides in www.domain.com/en/page-name and not www.domain.com/page-name. Does anyone have any ideas on how make the page reside in the right place? The site is currently running under v.8.5.4.

I think you cannot do it by design. It seems single pages added by user are placed under every language tree (so you can use multilingual stuff). Only system single pages (like login etc.) reside outside “normal” site tree.