V8: How to make screen wide strip

How can I make a screen wide color strip where text will still be withing the center column?

I tried adding 2 layout areas, making 1 not to use the grid, making the other to use the grid and placing a content block into the 2nd one. But it doesn’t work. Either the whole lot loses the grid together with text (text becomes screen wide too) or the lot maintains the center grid.

How do I do that? Thank you.

I found a way but it’s a pain in the *** to set up:

  • add a layout to a page
  • add another layout into the 1st layout
  • add a block to the 2nd layout
  • try to select the 1st layout (this is the first pain)
  • edit the 1st layout design and set its template to Paralax, change its background to either image or color, save it
  • if you want to change anything in the 1st layout after saving it - good luck selecting it

But if you manage the above, it actually makes a screen wide strip with a block contained within the Main area. If you want the block to be full screen as well, then don’t add the 2nd layout and disable the 1st layout grid container.

I thought there would be an easier way of setting up screen wide strips.

I think there’s an easier way. Please see this documentation: Disabling the grid container

@Myq Yes, I know that. But you still need to jump through the hoops of adding a single cell layout in Main, adding a block in the layout, trying to select the holding layout button and if successful disable its grid. If I want a normal layout inside a gridless layout it’s way too difficult to select the correct button because they’re one on top of the other…