V9.0.1 Bug - Site Registration - ERROR

Members that register do not understand that - Private Messages
Are Messages on the - Site
They think they will get SPAM

So they are unchecking this GREAT PM Feature
When I go to the Member and Check - Private Messages

It breaks - Registration
Any new Registration gets a ERROR

What is the error message that you are seeing?

Here is a screenshot of the ERROR

Try as I may I cannot replicate this behaviour?

Member creates - New Registration - With ** Unchecked ** Private Messages
So I go in after and ** Check ** Private Messages

That is when - Next - New Registration - Registers and upon Reg completion - get this ERROR

Registration works - but with ERROR at the end - New Member leaves the site and does NOT login - New Member thinks because of the ERROR their Registration did not work

I look at Search Users and see - 0 logins

I completely rebuilt the site from scratch figuring it would fix this
And it did - Registration worked fine
Then it started giving the Same ERROR

I will create a new site using a TEST Domain
Test Registration
Creating New Registration with an Unchecked Private Messages

Go in as Admin to the - New Registration - checking - Private Messages

Then creating a New Registration and see if it gives the ERROR upon Submitting New Registration

I will report the results of this new Reg Test after I have time to complete the TEST


Yes, that is exactly how I tested this but I did not see an error?
New members are able to create an account without errors even after I switched the Private Messages to ‘Yes’ for those members who did not check the box when registering.