V9.0.1 Bug - User/Member - Attribute - SORT

Do you have to - Create Attributes
In the SORT Order you Want them in

  • or -
    Can the Attributes be SORTED later…???

I have NOT found a way to SORT later
And if you go back later and add an Attribute
It is usually NOT in the correct SORT Order
And you can NOT rebuild Attributes without Data Loss

Please… Advise…???

Thanks in Advance

Somewhere along the line drag & drop reordering of “Page” Attributes was added at /dashboard/pages/attributes/, while “User” Attributes never had it that I’m aware of. Looking back at 8.5.5, it’s still working. v9 is not. They definitely both need it! In the mean time, use Sets to group your attributes semi-accordingly

Thanks for confirming - User Attribute SORT does NOT exist

I’ll test by creating a NEW SET and move them into the NEW SET in the SORT Order needed

I will - REPY - again with the results

Thanks for being - VERY HELPFUL…!!!