V9.0.1 Delete User + Need Password to Re- Register user

I need to be able to - DELETE a User
Then Re-Register the - same User
Using the same Users - existing Password
So the same User - can Login

If needed I can…
Setup a - Single-page
Using - .php
Access the database
Table - users
Field - password

What I don’t have is - the code
To decrypt the - stored encrypted password
And make it visible - to be used to Re-register user

Help is MUCH appreciated

Thanks in advance…!!!

Hello. The password is not saved in the DB in an encrypted from that can be decrypted. That would be a security flaw.

What is saved is a hash of the password.
When the user logs in, the password they enter is hashed as well and both hash values are compared to decide if the password used is the correct one.

It might be possible to do what you need by saving the user data in the DB table directly and copying the hash as is. Might.

I’m not sure how the hash is generated but if concrete also uses the user id to generate the hash then it will also have to be identical.

A simple way to test it is to copy the hash from one user onto another and see if they can log in with the same password or not.

If you could explain why you need to do that, there might be a better way.

There are several reasons why I need to do this
One of them being - In setting up and testing
I have many times broken the site
The simplest way for me to find what I have done to break the site
Is for me to start over with a fresh install and try and duplicate what I did that broke it
Being able to reinstall users on the new install is my goal in this case

One test case
I setup a User Group that every New Registration was automatically entered into
Then - when needed - the user needs to be edited to the next group in the work flow
Well v9 does not work because it is NOT setup for that user to be removed from the group it is entered into during registration
So I deleted the group and used attributes to change to the next step in the work flow
In DELETING the GROUP - The site - Waiting for Me and Private Messages - Broke

A different site I am working on
New Leads (users) are entered in
The user has NO access to this site
They are entered in only for the admin
To have and control work flow - follow up - etc
So a Password is really NOT needed and a step
That the admin does NOT really want to deal with