(v9.0.x) How to register users, and have them confirm and set password via a token link?

I would like to register new users on my site, without having to give them a password, and that the new user should receive an email with a link containing a random token to follow, and get to fill in their own password.

This is a fairly standard procedure on many sites today, but I haven’t figured out if Concrete CMS has that sort of procedure, let alone how to enable it if it’s possible.

If this requires an add-on, I’m game.
If I have to write that add-on myself, I’m game too, and you’ll probably hear from me in the developer category :wink:

Anyway, advice appreciated!


When I wrote this topic, I obviously didn’t find the words I wanted.

Today, I found that there has been an add-on for what I want, Invite Users.
Unfortunately, it’s not updated since Concrete CMS 5.6, so is completely unavailable by now :confused:. So I guess it’s time to do some coding…