V9.1.1 Pagelists going to 'Page not found'


Just tried adding a pagelist using the Atomik theme and get these links when selecting one of the thumbnails showing:

Which gives a Page not Found error

For instance, the example should point at :St Mawes :: Roseland Community Land Trust


There are no images on that page?
Also I am not far away in Helston should you need and ConcreteCMS help or support locally.

Thanks for getting back to me. The pagelist is at the bottom of the ‘Sites’ page of the website at roseland-clt.idoit.co.uk (Got a problem sending you a link to it)

It is setup to show pages under the current page, i.e. Sites. They have been added under Sites, with thumbnail attributes etc all setup correctly.

It was working fine under v9.0.2. Just started failing after I upgraded to v9.1.1.

Hi @tangent what version of PHP are you using? PHP8 or 7.4, if possible try switching php versions. If it works fine with PHP7.4 we’ll submit an issue into Github Issues · concretecms/concretecms · GitHub

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Hello Jes.

Fabulous. It was running on 7.3. Upped it to 7.4, cleared the caches etc and everything is now fine.

Thank you so much.


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