V9 Bog & Boards Files?

i have a simple directory tree some folders and on end in each folder one html5 file.
How can i upload the tree into the blog system ?
Any idea ?

You can’t automatically import a tree into the sitemap at this point.
There are some XML based import tools you can use from the command line if you’re dealing with some heavy lifting content migration and have a developer around to tweak the results.

For most problems we’d recommend just busting open a few different windows and cutting and pasting content into blocks as you make the sitemap by hand.

If you’re going to have a highly repeatable set of pages (like a product page with a bunch of standard sub pages like Features, Screenshots, Files, eg) you might make those pages out as an example set somewhere, and then copy it into the container page as you go.

Dragging and dropping in the sitemap impacts nav order and if you move to a new parent you can copy/move the source pages.

Hope that helps.