V9 class for Symfony's IpUtils

I need to check if a client IP is withing an IP range. Does Concrete CMS v9 have its extended class for Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\IpUtils? I need to use the Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\IpUtils::checkIp().

Concrete comes with ip-lib, which offers a great set of ip-related functions

and where can I find it? :grinning:

Take a look in concrete/vendor/mlocati/ip-lib/

You can find the documentation here: https://github.com/mlocati/ip-lib#readme

PS: IP addresses are represented by instances of IPLib\Address\AddressInterface , which is an interface that’s implemented by the IPLib\Address\IPv4 class for IPv4 addresses (eg and by IPLib\Address\IPv6 for IPv6 addresses (eg ::1).

In Concrete, you can get the visitors’ IP address as an instance of IPLib\Address\AddressInterface by simply calling

$ip = $app->make(\IPLib\Address\AddressInterface::class);

Oh, that looks more complicated for my needs. I just do this:

$app = Application::getFacadeApplication();
$r = $app->make(Request::class);
$ip = $r->getClientIp();

if (!IpUtils::checkIp($ip, '')) {

By using ip-lib, you’d write something like this:

use IPLib\Address\AddressInterface;
use IPLib\Factory;

$ip = app(AddressInterface::class);
$range = Factory::parseRangeString('');
if (!$range->contains($ip)) {

Wow, now we have the app() :muscle: :+1: :grinning: Is it now official and documented?

Thank you, Michele, your lib looks cool! Although I can’t understand how you get the request IP from the interface.

https://github.com/shahroq/whale_c5_cheat_sheet#application-app offers a ton of useful hints :wink:

Concrete does the hard work for you, so that you simply have to call app(AddressInterface::class)


$ip = app(AddressInterface::class);

returns a class (IPv4 or IPv6), that implements the AddressInterface interface.

Does the app() work everywhere or only in instantiated classes having the Application, i.e. only where you can use $this-app?

Is there a list of everything the app() can create with short notations, e.g. app(‘token’)?

Nope: you should take a look at the [Something]ServiceProvider.php files in the concrete/src directory
For example:

  • concrete/src/Validation/ValidationServiceProvider.php defines 'token'
  • concrete/src/Permission/PermissionServiceProvider.php defines 'IPLib\Address\AddressInterface'

i want to find…so can you tell mee how can i find…

Is there a list of everything the app() can create with short notations, e.g. app(‘token’)?