V9 Create Calendar Event for non admin users

Hi There, V9.1.1
I cannot work out how to give users who are not an admin account access to the button on the dashboard menu to “Calendar & Events” and then to the “Add Event” button to post a new event.

I have granted the group permission to the calendar to create new events but they don’t get the dashboard menu when they login and cannot then create a new event even thought they may have permission.

Is there a trick or another block to add the button to create calendar events that I need to put on the page that shows the calendar to users?


I actually resolved my own issue.
First I had to go to the site map and then press the options button and select show system pages. Then navigate to the calendar and configure the permissions on the dashboard so another group (non admin) can now see the menu option, and then go to the system and settings, calendar permissions and configure the permissions for the calendar itself this is now possible.

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Thanks for posting your solution!