V9: exception after running Generate Sitemap task

I get the below exception each time I run the Generate Sitemap task:

Messenger Worker Message Failed: /srv/www/htdocs/c9/concrete/vendor/symfony/messenger/Middleware/HandleMessageMiddleware.php:129 Handling “Concrete\Core\Command\Process\Command\HandleProcessMessageCommand” failed: An exception occurred while executing ‘DELETE FROM MessengerTaskProcesses WHERE (id) IN (SELECT id FROM MessengerProcesses_id_tmp)’:

SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1267 Illegal mix of collations (utf8mb4_unicode_ci,IMPLICIT) and (utf8mb4_general_ci,IMPLICIT) for operation ‘=’

Is that just me or does anyone else have that?

I have just tested this and do not get an error but I do not get a task completed message.
I just see the Currently Running message until I refresh the page and can then see the task in history as completed.

What’s your DB collation? Mine’s utf8mb4_unicode_ci.

Same DB collation as you

@cmerritt , have you checked the log? The exception is not crashing anything, it just gets recorded in the log. And it only happens in v9, no exceptions in v8 (obviously because v8 doesn’t have tasks).