V9 feature request for File Sets

Hi there, I am using V9.1.1 and want to suggest two features for file sets:

  1. Incorporate the ability to have New files added to a set automatically appended to the start, instead of the end. Would be as simple as changing the sort order default?

  2. Incorporate the ability to remove an image from the file set, without removing the file itself. A simple X to remove would suffice, and potentially the ability to remove multiple items via tick and remove.


Hello Again!
Thank you for being so straight forward. Your feedback is useful.

I just want to double check I fully understand before adding your request to Github. A content manager needs a way to remove 15 images from a file set quickly. Same with the sorting option, and those options should be located here:

Or are you thinking these options be located in the block?

Yes, correct. Locating them here would be the best place. Thanks.
The sort order I would like to default to newest at the top automatically.

I added this as a feature request on Git Hub here: