V9 feature request - import/export members

Hi there, v9.1.1
I have discovered the export users to CSV in the members section but I am shocked that there is no way to import users back into the system. There should be a import button on this next to the export one. I have transitioned from another platform and it’s simply not workable to have users register directly. I need to import 160 users with a bunch of attributes. I can build a CSV to match the export but need the import capability ASAP. It would not need to add the group as I could do that later if required, but would be preferred.

Developers on the store have no v9 compatible solutions.

user story: As a site manager I need to export and import users for backup and migration purposes, including setting custom attributes and passwords.

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It sounds like a very similar use case to ours. - We have developed a package that can do this for our client work.

It’s been developed and kept up to date for v8 so far, but it’s on our task list to rework it for v9 and maybe/eventually publish it on the marketplace.
However i’ve tested it and aside from a few visual kinks, it seems to work as it is now.

Drop me an E-Mail/ PM if you are serious about your urgent need. - We don’t usually sell/license/distribute our packages… especially not unfinished one’s. But maybe we can find a solution.

Hi there is a discussion on github over here: [v8] Express - Native import functionality · Issue #4474 · concretecms/concretecms · GitHub

Thanks Jes, I also noticed that in 9.1.1 in the members groups section there is a import functionality for CSV file for the email address of members only. I tried it and it didn’t work unfortunately, but looks like something is coming soon. It also had bugs with not accepting dot, hyphen or underscore in the email address.