V9 File Storage Location

I’m on version 9.1.1 and cannot seem to set the file storage location and have it work effectively with the document library block to upload files to a directory other than the default one. I’ve used other modules to upload files like the forms block and it will upload to a different directory that you configure/specify but the document library block only uploads to root even when you tell it to use something else. It’s a real bug-bear and I cannot work it out. The file storage location I want is a directory I created in the file manager. Maybe that is part of the problem because it’s in the database not in the file system…

Any help would be appreciated. At the most simple level I would say it would make a lot more sense if the document library block could be configured to store the file in the directory you choose rather than the default file storage location, just like the upload feature does in the forms block.

Any assistance would be appreciated as I’ve given up trying to store the files in a logical location…

Actually looks like this is or was a bug and reported in this thread already:

That said it’s still a problem on my install. :frowning:

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This has now been resolved as per this fix: