V9 multisite settings... documentation of any sort?

I’m quite curious about the new multisite functionality, but am the kind that prefers to read up before trying things out.

I had a quick look through the TOC of the on-line User Guide, but didn’t find anything useful.

So, is this feature documented in some way?

(It’s fine by me for now if it’s a text file somewhere or if I have to read a couple of Github issues for the moment…)

I’m actually looking for the same information. I was preparing to test multisite functionality but I’m not sure that I do it correctly and by that I do not know if my findings is valid!

Probably not as much documentation as there should be. Although, it should be fairly self-explanatory. The only thing that has tripped me up when setting up multisites is that there’s a default site, and then one or more other site types. When you go to configure page types, the default site is always selected, so you have to change it to the non-default site type to modify any other sites.

There are a few other places in the dashboard where you have to ensure that the correct site is selected in the drop down menu so that you don’t configure something for the wrong site.

I’ll try to put together a quick video tutorial to go over the basic setup.

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@levitte and @C5DK here is the documentation for multi-site hosting: Multiple Site Hosting :: Concrete CMS.

I am having trouble figuring out how to set up my server and DNS for multiple domains pointing at one instance of concrete5. In the documentation it says:

For the Canonical URL, you need to make sure that you have made the right configuration for your domain in DNS. Also make sure that you have the correct web server(Apache/Nginx) configuration to support that domain.

But there is no detail I can find about what the “right” configuration is, other than old documentation for the Multiple Domains add-on, which seems to indicate that a virtual server configuration file needs to be made and/or modified with root level access each time a new site is created.

@Myq said it should be fairly self explanatory, so I’m guessing I’m missing something. I don’t think making server mods is necessarily something most people know how, or more importantly have access to do (I don’t know if I do and I’m on a managed VPS with WHM access). Having to ask my hosting company to modify a virtual server configuration every time I want to add a new site doesn’t seem right.

For now, I have v9.1 installed in an account with a canonical domain set. I’m able to create new sites just fine. I’ve purchased a separate domain and pointed its nameservers at my server. I created a new site and entered that separate domain as the canonical domain for the new site. But when I go to the new domain it’s just a 500 error. I’ve tried adding the new domain as an addon domain to my account, and that also doesn’t work. I’m so excited about this functionality, I’m hoping someone who knows more than me can respond and help!

I want to add what I learned yesterday: If you are on a shared host, you can create an add-on domain and make sure it points to public_html (it will automatically try to create a subfolder to point to, just delete that text so it points to public_html). This essentially creates those virtual host files for you without needing to get into server admin or contacting your host.

Then, I learned that in order to access a site after I create it, I had to go into the sitemap, select the site I created in the site selector dropdown, click on the homepage, and Visit it. Then I was able to land on my page properly (for some reason just going to the link directly acted like an alias of the parent site)