V9 prevent changing username

Is there a way in Concrete v9 to prevent that a user can change its username and email-address in the default /account-page?


I can’t think of an easy way to do so off the top of my head. Is there a reason why you want to do that?

I’m developing a school project and no one should be allowed to change his official email and username while other user attributes should be editable…

@fabianbitter recently brought back the editable usernames in v9. I immediately submitted it, verbatim, to the 8.5.x branch as well. You can find the PR at:

There, you’ll see all the action happens in /concrete/single_pages/account/edit_profile.php and get a glimpse of what the code looks like. Copy this file into /application/single_pages/account/edit_profile.php and it should be ready to modify!

Thank you. That worked!

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