V9 ready: Free simple scroll to top button addon

Free simple scroll to top button addon:

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Приветствую, почему-то у меня совсем не хочет работать: никакой реакции на клик по значку :confused: Не подскажешь, в чём может быть дело? Вроде и ломаться там нечему…

тьфу, то есть:

For some reason, it does not respond to a click in any way. Can you help, what could be the matter?

addon ver.1.0.0 (Release)
concrete ver. 9.0.1

Do you have any errors in the browser Development console

Are there any link hijacking scripts installed, such as a smooth scroll?

No. No reaction in the console either.

No. I don’t use anything like that. In addition, I checked with all scripts, ad-blocks, etc. disabled.

In ab_scroll_to_top/blocks/ab_scroll_to_top/view.js

does changing $('.ab-scroll-to-top').click(function(e) for $('.ab-scroll-to-top').on('click', function(e) make a difference?