V9 - skin resets to default after page edit

I’ve made a couple of skins based on a default theme (default skin).
The theme skin is set to default, but the page skins are set to another skin (Skin 1, Skin 2).

All the skins are selectable and working but after I edit a page, the skin resets to the default skin.

Don’t know if it’s a core bug or something else, I used the docs to make the skin files and template edit to load the correct css (skin1.css, skin2.css).
I don’t use the customizer in my theme. Everthing is in the scss/css files.

Loading of the skins in header.php


v9.2.2, multisite active

I reproduced this with a clean install (v9.2.3) and Atomik theme (without multisite)
Theme Skin set to Default,
Page Skin set to Rustic.
When I add a “Page Title or edit page” and Publish it goes back to Default skin.

I’ve made a video of it
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Tested with v9.2.3
Php 8.2
Installed with full site Atomik

What is going wrong?

Out of interest try putting the page in Edit mode first and then changing the skin. Then publishing it.

Putting it in Edit mode first results in the same behaviour.
If I edit the page again the skin sets back to Default.

Like it forgets the skin was applied and sets theme default setting.

Does anyone else experience this? And what could cause this?

@c5dragon you might make an issue for this in the repo - it sounds like a bug: Issues · concretecms/concretecms · GitHub