V9 updating layout breakpoints

I want to change the default bootstrap5 layouts from col-md-# to col-lg-#.

Phones today are utilizing larger viewports, and therefore users are seeing a “squashed” view of the desktop display. Also, the default navigation changes to the burger menu below lg (not md), so it feels disjointed.

I know I could create a new grid framework in my theme, but that seems like overkill. I can adjust the concrete/src/Page/Theme/GridFramework/Type/Bootstrap5.php, which works great, but that’s not good practice and will be overwritten by any update. I want to keep everything else as is, just have getPageThemeGridFrameworkColumnClasses() and getPageThemeGridFrameworkColumnOffsetClasses() use the lg breakpoint - any way to do this?

Hi @thadmiller - that’s a good question. I was messing around with trying to override it via this method but it doesn’t seem like that’s a viable approach. I’ll keep digging.