V9 upgrade from 8.5.6 breaks

When trying to upgrade from version 8.5.6 to version 9.0, I get the error shown in the attached screen shot and the upgrade breaks. Any ideas?

The same here:

Ein unerwarteter Fehler ist aufgetreten.

Concrete\Core\Updater\Migrations\Migrations\Version20211023155414::upgradeSizeValue(): Argument #1 ($legacyValueValueData) must be of type array, int given, called in /…/…/…/concrete/src/Updater/Migrations/Migrations/Version20211023155414.php on line 106

I think you can safely uninstall the migration package which helps updating a long time ago. Afterwards it should work … at least this error should not show again.

I’ve posted the bug on GitHub. The response was that it is already fixed for the coming version 9.0.1

Mine work now after i copied back the concrete folder from backup, added some missing files manualy. Set php to 7.4 . I saw then a mixed but working website. I copied again the V 9 concrete folder, set the theme from clonamental to elemental and then website was ok. If i switch to php 8 it does not work. For now with php 7.4 it’s ok.


thanks for responding.
I created the complete page new with 9.0.1.