Version 9.1.3 Express Lists sorting not possible

If you have an Express List it is not possible to sort, when you add it as a block on the site. Are there any solutions?

Hi @eldios - are you talking about sorting on the front end like something the document library would do - having some column options or something along those lines?

Hey, thank you for your reply! Sorry, I found already a solution.
Yes, I am talking about sorting on the frontend with the express list block.
If you add an Express Entity List on any position on the website as a block, the list will be displayed, the search is possible, but on clicking on the header to sort the values ascending or descending, this will not work.
Even if you change the url parameter it will not work and the parameter in the url will not change.
For example “?ccm_order_by=ak_name&ccm_order_by_direction=asc&ccm_cursor=”
On Version Concrete 8.5.12 it worked!
I changed the code here concrete/blocks/express_entry_list/controller.php

Now it is working :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Thanks for posting a follow up, that will be helpful for folks who have a similar question in the future. :+1: