Version 9 Launch, Site Updates, and Managing Extensions

Greetings everyone!

We are excited to announce the launch of Concrete CMS version 9!

We have also taken this opportunity to make some updates to the various Concrete CMS sites that support the community, so here are some of those improvements that you will now be seeing:

All sites:

  • Clearer indication that you are logged in (you get to see your beautiful avatar in the upper right when you’re logged in).


  • Added notifications to extensions to denote version 9 compatibility.

  • Disabled link to legacy marketplace in addon / theme listing page.

  • Fix for paging on Purchases list.

  • Cleaned up old verbiage on /profile/offers page.


  • Make background banners scale more elegantly when the viewport narrow between breakpoints.

  • Make “Sign Up” button more prominent.

  • Bring back the hover tooltip for badges in your profile.

  • Fix issue with quoted text in Direct Message reply fields containing encoded HTML entities.


  • Enabled search.

  • Made edit button appear when logged out to encourage contributions.


  • Pinned where to submit new extensions in Marketplace category.

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback. We have more improvements in store as the year draws to a close so stay tuned for those!

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Is this current? I am not seeing my avatar on any of the community sites.

Logged out and in again. Now seeing avatar on, but not on marketplace or forums.

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That only works after you log in AND refresh the page. However the major, the most mindbogglingly annoying problem has not been fixed - I have to log in on every damn page! That’s ridiculous!!!

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I agree, this is keeping me not using the site. I’m sure newcomers notice too.

What is actually the reason why we have two URL’s ( and ? That’s very confusing.

@linuxoid are you using a VPN or anything that might be constantly changing your IP address or user-agent string? I haven’t experienced this.

@bcron .com is for commercial stuff like the marketplace and hosting, whereas .org is for open-source type stuff.

There are multiple subsites that all use the community site for authentication, so it’s possible to log in to the Marketplace but not necessarily be logged in to the forums. You have to explicitly log in to each site.

@JohntheFish you should see it on the marketplace and forums now - let me know if that’s looking better to you.

@Myq , No, I’m not using any VPN, nothing’s changing my IP or user-agent. I experienced that from day 1 of the new site launch. If I want to do anything on the addons page I have to log in, it loads the page but the login doesn’t take effect until I refresh the page. Then I want to do something on my user page, I have to log in AND refresh the page AGAIN! Then I want to use the Forum, I have to log in AGAIN!!! If I want to edit documentation, I have to log in AGAIN! You have no idea how that sucks…

Yes, seeing mugshot now.

Which is weird, because I still have a similar issue to the one Linuxoid is reporting.

For example, while logged in and on the forums, I visit the prb at PRB. But the site redirects me to my profile at where I am logged in. I then visit the PRB again and actually get there.

I get similar redirect on first visit behaviour on other sub-sites. Its just most noticeable on the marketplace sub-site because that is the site I use most.

This is still happening to me.

I have gotten in the habit of copying the current URL because login won’t remember where you were. This is a simple server referral variable.

Very sketchy and confusing. I’d hate to be a newbie - I bet many just leave…

Yes this is definitely on our list to implement.

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