Version 9 MySQL Database Size

Just a curious question, but I have noticed in CPanel that websites I have built in Version 9 have MySQL database sizes upwards of 40mb+ even for a newly built, fairly basic website with only a few pages, is this now the norm?

Is this a fresh install or sites that have existed for a while?

@studio108 @EvanCooper If I’m not mistaken, that’s about the size of my fresh v8 installs also. There was definitely a jump in size from legacy 5.6 somewhere along the lines…

@enlil @EvanCooper
Thanks for confirming. I just wanted to check that it wasn’t some fault with my new V9 sites and it is something I will have to keep an eye on. Originally you would of expected that with older sites with lots of pages but not a new site with only a handful of pages.

@enlil @studio108 Yeah I think that’s where my experience is differing - the database for this install of Atomik with sample content installed living on a cPanel box is clocking in at ~12.5MB, which is in line with what fresh installs I have locally installed through docker are showing up as. Maybe you need to truncate your page statistics table or something?

It’s strange because the MySQL CPanel page displays the installed size as 55mb but if you export the .sql file (non-zipped or non-compressed) the file is only 1.9mb ?

Yeah my export is only 536k - the text file is tiny :slight_smile: