Version 9+

I’m curious how to find only the version 9 ready addons in the marketplace

You can enter ‘version 9’ into the search/filter bar of the marketplace sub-site

This method doesn’t seem to pick up addons like “Grand Gallery”.

Don’t know why this isn’t an option in the normal filter popup :man_shrugging:

Same goes with themes.

Many more addons are working with version 9, Yes it should be an option in the filters checkboxes.
Unfortunately, even after 6 months of version 9 was released, there is only one theme available. (plus two utility themes of @JohntheFish) Oh, there’s is another one, unmarked though…

I just investigated this. It seems addon developers need to include those search terms in the keywords input in the edit addon interface, whether or not Version 9 is checked as ready. Side Note: Suddenly, Enlil Page List is the only addon that returns for “php8” or “php 8” searches :smiley:

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I also would like to know why there is no filter for versions in the popup.

Hope it gets “fixed” soon, and, that developers put that into the search terms.

Agree, this seems like such a basic request and it’s driving me crazy too. We need to filter by version

Should be a «category» or a «additional filter».

Hi all,

Agreed that a v9-ready filter would be super useful. I’ve got that on our list for upcoming feature improvements.

There is now a version support filter in place on the marketplace search! Thanks all.

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Our hosting provider moves to PHP 8.
How do I know if an addon or theme works under PHP 8? The flag 9+ is great but not enough. It needs another filter for PHP 8!

It took us a while to adapt our sites to version 9 and now we have to go through adapting to PHP 8. What a nightmare!

Thanks for help.

The update to PHP 8 has been very quick by many hosts, which is not good. Too many systems are just not ready for it yet.

Thank you @TMDesigns

Is there an answer to the original marketplace question?

Provider has switched to php8 while leaving 7.4 until the end of the year.

Is it possible that there is no other free theme available than the preinstalled Atomik?

The marketplace filter now has a v9 checkbox.

I have used the checkbox v9, but how do I know if it works under php8?

marketplace “themes” I check that box and the box “free”.
Then it says:
No items found.

I have never used it with site/marketplace integration.

It works at and renders the list This is independent of your site php version.

For themes,

(and I don’t think there are any free themes v9 compatible)

There is no php8 filter. You need to read the description, version history or contact the developer.

@designbureau obviously you are down the road on this, having already updated to v9, but just a heads up of you have other sites you don’t necessarily have to update to v9 to stay secure - You don't have to upgrade to Concrete v9 to keep your site safe.

Concrete will be applying security fixes to v8, so just something to be aware of if you can have your host get things on an LTS version of PHP 7.4 there isn’t necessarily a huge rush to get to v9.