"View Preview" not working in documentation site

I tried to edit a doc page, and when I hit the “Preview” button, we have a server call like this:


The server responds with a 500 error code, and this contents:

{"error":{"message":"Access Denied"},"errors":["Access Denied"]}

@mlocati thank you for letting us know. I wasn’t able to reproduce with my account, so this is most likey a permissions issue. I’ll try again with a test account and create a ticket.

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@jessicadunbar great!
Please note that I was able to return to the Edit mode and save my changes, so I’m pretty sure I haven’t been logged out.

There was an issue with the WAF blocking some requests that have a lot of PHP code in them. That has been fixed now. I checked the preview on that page and it seems to work now. Let me know if you ever run into this issue again.

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