Views documentation and $view->setThemeHandle example code

Rendering a View Object

Example of a GET route /account/activate rendering a view:

$router->get('/account/activate', function() use ($app) {
    $factory = $app->make(\Concrete\Core\Http\ResponseFactoryInterface::class);
    $view = new \Concrete\Core\View\View(‘/account/activate/form’);
    return $factory->createResponse($view->render());

\Concrete\Core\View\View does not have a method named setThemeHandle, going as far back as 8.2.1 and as far forward as 9.1.3.

Found here

Additionally, in code blocks, it would be better if the code used straight quotes (’ ") instead of curly (ie: typesetter) quotation (’) marks.

I’ve gone ahead and swapped out the curly quotes with straigth quotes. I’ll log the method issue in our tracker. Thanks!

All right and I updated that method - I believe it should be setViewTheme() - let me know if that looks better for you.