‘Vimeo’ add-on?

I’m updating our site to use v9 and have previously used the Vimeo add on. I note it isn’t v9 compatible.

Has anyone insight on this? I’m assuming the developer has stopped developing it as someone else had asked the same question in October but with no reply. It was a really helpful add on, and saved needing to copy and paste the Vimeo embed code.

We have used the add-on in v9 and it works fine. There might need to be some slight adjustments for PHP 8 but if I remember right they are just adding an add function and setting defaults (or updating the edit view to add ??)

Thanks, that’s helpful to know. My challenge is that it is a clear install of v9 and it won’t let me install the add on as it isn’t v9 compatible……

There is the option to install it manually, though it is a little more hands-on than installing it through the dashboard:

That’s helpful to know. I installed it and it works fine. I ran into an error originally when I added it to a page of ‘Undefined variable $vimeoVid’ but then I realised I was on php8. I changed that down and it works fine.

Just find that variable and declare it

$vimeoVid ='';


 if isset($vimeoVid){


PHP 8 doesn’t like undeclared variables.

Thanks, there are a lot of other errors that then follow. Definitely above my current skill. I’ll keep with PHP7.4 and a working block for now.

Take a look at this