Vimeo video not adaptive on Mobile?

Hi there,

the Vimeo Video which works fine on PC stays too big on mobile phones and does not adapt to the size of the mobile screen? Any idea how to solve that issue please?
Concreete5 V8.5.0

How r u loading ‘Vimeo’ video?

I’m not loading them. I use the Vimeo attribute and indicate the vimeo video number in the setting box?

Like for a YouTube video

Have you tried the ‘Vimeo’ add-on?

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Yes it’s the one I’m using but it is not responsive.

Works for me: Vimeo :: Digital Art & Photography

R u using the latest version?

WHere can I check that and update? In which menu?

Oh just find it in environment. No I have the 1.0.2 the latest is 1.1
WIll try to update! Hope I find how!

Yessss!!! I found it. Just updated and it works perfectly now.
Thanks for your help!
Have a nice weekend!