Visually breaking change in package

I have a visually breaking change in a package (image needing a size vs being hard wired). What would be my appropriate action to take code wise, as far as notifying users before updating/downloading the package from MP? What does the download notes input in the MP upload interface do? I’ve never actually used that??

Edit: For instance, I see package /elements/install.php and uninstall.php in use. Is there an update or upgrade.php element that handles this?

I am not convinced anybody reads download notes or upgrade notes.
If your image’s size used to be hard-coded but now needs a specific size, is there a reason why you can’t have a default fallback value in case the size is not defined in the parameters?

There are no update or upgrade elements unfortunately. Maybe you could check if the install element would be used during an update? It wasn’t in the past but it might have change?

I wondered the same thing about the install element. I’ll have to try and see what happens.

Fallback is a bit of a conundrum. The size input was always there, just not used in this context. Could have been set to 20px and had no effect. Suddenly, there will be 20px images. Nothing that can’t be fixed in moments. Just hoped there was a streamlined way to notify, short of opening a support request against my own package to include an answer for those who may come looking…

Even fewer people read the support requests.

After a core upgrade the core puts out an updated message with info about the update, so perhaps that mechanism could be used. May take take some digging to discover how it works.

When you update an addon in the dashboard, it shows what you have entered for the addons version history before you actually update the addon. If you put some notification at the top of your version history in BIG CAPS OMG OMG or something that’s probably a reasonable way to catch your users’ attention before they do the update.