Walked in to ComposerAutoloader error


I just had an error thrown on my desk and I’m kind of at a loss as to what to do.


Class ‘ComposerAutoloaderInit54645a7a98771ad56b2c0066428bfec4’ not found

Can anyone help me identify what has happened to our C5 installation and a possible suggestion for resolution? It appears to be an issue with the Acme SSL add-on (which we no longer use)…


Got it. It appears that someone was syncing their content and their html management software crashed during sync, dumping what was currently transferring… the acme directory. Time to go have a talk. It’s back up.

If you have only just uninstalled the Acme SSL add-on, you could also set database entities to development mode in dashboard/system/environment/entities

For more diagnostics, set debug to show error output in /dashboard/system/environment/debug and hopefully you will get a stack trace telling you where.

That is a good idea john. I’ll mark that down for sure. THanks

Mod’s we can delete this thread if you want. I was anticipating a much tougher issue at hand. thanks