WebP support in Concrete Thumbnailing

More and more of my clients want to use WebP images - I know that I’m able to use them in some areas of a Concrete site as long as they are an allowed file type, but the majority of my sites use custom templates with Thumbnails - and WebP are not supported here yet.

Does anyone know if there are plans are to build WebP support in Concrete Thumbnailing?


Check latest version of Concrete. I have implemented webp support for Thumbnail system/image helper in one of my pull requests.

Visit those dashboard pages to configure it:

You can even force webp creation from source png/jpg files, if you want.


Hi @Parasek - Thank for your reply!

I have 9.2.9 running and don’t see it…

Which version are we talking about please?

Latest is 9.3.1. It will be probably available later for automatic download (if it is not already.

Got it - thanks - that’s great!
There are so many new minor versions being released now, I can’t keep up. :slightly_smiling_face: