Website not visible in google

Hello community,

I have a problem with my concrete5 website and Google.

My website which i made in Concrete5, does not appear in Google.
When i request Google to index my site they say: redirect error.

I asked my webhoster for help and they say it might be a problem with the two languages that can be selected on my site: Dutch and English.

Has anyone has this problem before? How can i solve this?

Thanks in advance for your help,

Kind Regards

THis is strange because Google Bot reads your website more or less the same way a person would as far as the server is concerned (front-end is different)

So if it’s saying there’s a redirect error you should also have the same issue when visiting the site.

Unless you have something in your htaccess that targets bots specifically and is doing that?

Hi, thanks for your reply.

Yes the redirect error is strange because i have no redirects on my small website.

Another problem occured. When trying to fix the problem the navigation menu dissappeard. Not in my admin mode but in real. How can fix that?

Kind regards

that could be due to many different reasons. Without having a look at the site (the dashboard and the code) it’s impossible to say.

What were you doing to try and fix the problem when your menu disappeared?

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Could you add a link to the site so we can check?

Check the htaccess file and your robots.txt file

try sending your url through and it will show how many redirects are going on and then we can optimize your htaccess from there.

I’ve ran into this a few times. Make sure you have the correct www. vs http vs https. If you type in might redirect to then and if you add say /en or /nl you can end up with 3-5 redirects with 1 url, and Google will only follow 3 redirects before erroring.

Hello, thanks for your replay but i do not use concrete5 anymore. Kind regards Eveline

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