What are your favorite Olympic sports?

Every couple of years, the world comes together for the Olympics Games. I have two passions for those of you who don’t know me: Open Source Software and sports. So I thought we’d take a moment from software to start a conversation about the Olympics.

  • What country are you from?
  • What are your favorite Olympic sports?
  • What athletes are you rooting for?

I’ll start.
I’m living in Florida, USA.
This year I’m taking note of badminton and table tennis; I am hoping to pick up a few strategies from the two sports to incorporate into my pickleball game.

We have four local athletes competing:

  • skateboarder Jake Ilardi
  • swimmer Emma Weyant
  • rifle shooter Mary Tucker
  • rower Clark Dean

I’m currently living in Wisconsin, USA and with the Olympics coming soon a great start to that was watching the Milwaukee Bucks win the NBA Championship last night!!! Go Bucks!!!

As for Olympic athletes, I don’t have any particular favorites at the moment, but I’m impressed by the skill, strength, and pure talent of all of them. I play a lot of volleyball so I’ll be watching Volleyball and tuning into Gymnastics as well.

So Jess I see you’ll be watching table tennis, and if you like to watch as much as you like to play, then I challenge you to match. :ping_pong:

TIL about Pickleball

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Gauntlet getting thrown down, @jessicadunbar! Or a little paddle I guess. Similar. :smiley:

Admittedly not a huge sports person but I always thought the Biathlon was cool - the combination of cross country skiing and shooting since they seem really different - endurance and speed + precision and steadiness.

I am from the UK,
I love the Olympics, and will watch as many events as I can, regardless of the sport.

My absolute favourite is the cycling, I watch road cycling mainly, but watch the track cycling when the Olympics are on, I will be watching out for Jason and Laura Kenny who are on the verge of being the best male and female track cyclists of all time.

I will also be rooting for the road team, as they all ride for my favourite pro road teams:

Tao Geoghegan Hart
Geraint Thomas
Adam and Simon Yates

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Sevens rugby (in-between watching the lions tour in South Africa)


I’m from Denmark
So the men’s handball game is a must and of course road cycling.

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It’s on Steph! Doubles - My House - Pick a time anytime :ping_pong:

Done a pre-olympic battle is on! Time to book my flight :flight_departure: :ping_pong:

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You could play pong online


Benjamin Steffen

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Of course the 100 m and the 4x100 m :stuck_out_tongue:

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